frequently asked questions

Will you tell me how much your charges will be in advance so I do not have any surprises?
Yes. Our verbal quotation on our initial visit is guaranteed.
Are there any additional fees you will charge?
No. The fee we quote is an all-inclusive fee for throughout the year, any advice and extra work carried out for you is free.
How do your fees compare with other accountants?
We are nearly always cheaper. Our charging rates and overheads are significantly less and these savings are passed directly onto you, our client.
Will you increase your fees in future years?
Only in line with inflation or if your circumstances change dramatically.
If I change Accountants are the Inland Revenue suspicious of this?
No, the Inland Revenue are aware that this happens constantly for many varying reasons and as we are fully recognised by the inland revenue they are not in the least suspicious.
How easy is it to change Accountant?
Very easy, it is simply a matter of completing two forms and we will do the rest for you, we will even inform your previous Accountant if you wish.
Apart from lower charges, what can you do for me?
  • Meet you out of normal business hours, if you want to.
  • Meet at your premises, if you want to.
  • Explain figures/accounts to you in simple language.
  • Ensure that all deadlines are met.
  • Give you an estimate of your tax liabilities well before they fall due for payment.
  • Reduce your tax bills for you & thus increase your profit / income.
I only have a small business, do I need an accountant?
Yes, you still need to complete a self-assessment tax return or Corporation tax return and a simple set of accounts.
Canít I complete my own accounts/returns?
Theoretically yes, but do you have the knowledge to get it right and claim all possible expenses? You will invite problems from the Inland Revenue if you get it wrong, there are penalties for negligence.


If your questions are not answered above please contact us and we will be ahppy to assist you.

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