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Directors loans and Taxation

If you withdraw more money from your Limited company than there are profits, this is known as a Directors loan. If this loan is not repaid within 9 months of your year end your company is charged Corporation tax on this amount at 32.5% rather than the usual 19% and also the amount gets added to your personal tax return and you are personally taxed at your prevailing tax rate

Local lockdown furlough payments

Local lockdown furlough payments. From 1st November 2020 for 6 months, if your business has been forced to close in a local lockdown area due to coronavirus, you can claim 2/3rds of your staff members salary as a furlough payment up to £2,100 per month per staff member. The business must be closed due to government guidelines to claim not just affected by coronavirus. There will also be up to £3,000 per month in grants for a business to apply [...]

Winter Economic Plan

Yesterday the Chancellor announced the Jobs support scheme to replace the furlough scheme from 1st November. This scheme is to support Employers that are having to reduce staff hours due to the Corona Virus. From 1st November any small company can access this scheme for 6 months. The Employer will pay the Employee as usual for any worked hours. For any remaining unworked hours the Employer will pay 1/3, the Government 1/3 and the Employee will suffer the remaining [...]

Tax relief when working at home

Employees may be able to claim tax relief if they are working from home for their Employer. From April 2020 you may claim £6 per week (£312 per year) without having to keep any records. Please check if you can claim at and search “claim tax relief for your job expenses” – Remember you cannot claim if you are self employed or a company director and we are already claiming “Use of Home” expenditure in your accounts

Personal Tax Payments

Remember to pay your second payment on account for personal 2020 tax by 31st July. Personal tax payments are made up of three different payments. One half in January and one half in July of that year and then if there is a balance due following submission of your tax return, this is payable in January of the following year.

Furlough scheme

Furlough scheme – from 1st July staff can be furloughed part time on a daily basis instead of the current 3 week minimum furlough period. Also from 1st August you will not be able to claim for furloughed staff employers NI and pension contributions. From 1st September in addition to this, the furlough wage reclaim lowers to 70% and then from 1st October 60%, until totally ceasing 31st October.