Running a hospitality business is no easy feat. A highly competitive marketplace and sometimes unpredictable cashflow means restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels are extremely sensitive to economic change. While the reward of a successful hospitality business is real, the risk is too. You can mitigate that, though, with great financial and accountancy advice, which can guide you on your journey to success.

As hospitality accountants, we can be the ones to guide you through tax returns, annual accounts, payroll and bookkeeping. We know tasks like these can sap  the energy of any hospitality host – because  you opened your business to cater for guests, not to spend time poring over the books. Let us handle the tedium, so you can provide the best service for your customers. 

We pride ourselves on doing more than just box ticking. We have helped countless hospitality business owners with their business strategy, tax planning and cashflow forecasts – so their business can operate as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Sometimes, a fresh perspective and friendly pair of eyes  to spot an inefficiency here, an unnecessary cost there, is all you need.

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“I have had 3 different businesses over the last 20 years and have always used PMC as my accountant. They have always offered great free advice to help me grow and are the best as dealing with HMRC.”

Z. Liu

Restaurant Owner - London

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