If you are a business owner, you need to make sure your employees get paid on time, and the right amount. If you miss a payment, you risk morale and productivity collapsing- but calculating everyone’s pay accurately and getting your payroll filed to HMRC can be time consuming and confusing.

Eliminate the headache the process can cause, and letus to take care of every aspect of payroll for you. We can run a business’s entire PAYE scheme for them, and have done for countless clients. Pay calculation, deductions, pensions contribution and queries from your staff about their pay: we do it all. We can even get your payslips made up for you, too.

Calculating an employee’s pay is not as simple as counting the hours they have worked. Some may be entitled to benefits, which are special payments they receive when they do not work, like sick pay, or maternity and paternity pay. You also have to watch out for deductions, like tax and National Insurance, to work out someone’s final pay. If you pay minimum wage, age is also an important factor to account for.

At PMC Partnerships, we have formulated a system to ensure our client’s PAYE obligations are fulfilled accurately and quickly at the same time. Never worry about your obligations again with us.

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