Accountants for Nurseries

As a children’s nursery owner, you want to offer the children in your school the best possible education and care you can. Spending time maintaining financial records and worrying about tax requirements distracts you from that.

You didn’t get into the business to solely focus on your books or manage your payroll. Doing so takes you away from focusing on delivering great learning for the children under your care. So why not let us do it all for you?

Taking care of your finances

As accountants for nurseries, we can look after your financial and accounting obligations. We can work with you to help manage both your business and your time, so you can focus on the important things, like running the day-to-day activities and providing excellent care.

Whether you need assistance with preparing your accounts, general tax advice or a helping hand in your cashflow forecasting, we have the skills and expertise to manage those tasks effectively and efficiently.

Balancing the books

Bookkeeping can help immensely with the annual accounts of a nursery business. After all, nurseries have a lot of expenses to keep track of, from toys and books to paint and snacks. A dedicated bookkeeper will record every expense your nursery incurs, making your accounts far simpler to do and your cashflow easier to keep watch over.

This can really help when producing the annual accounts that every childcare company has to send to HMRC. The accounts are made up of financial statements that contain information about your business transactions, performance, and finances – so good bookkeeping is essential in getting these right.

Nurturing growth

We can also help with business advice, through our management accounts service. We will help you understand the bigger picture, so that you never again have to operate on ‘ifs’ or ‘maybes’, and can make sound financial decisions based on the facts.

With the knowledge and power to make these informed decisions, you can set your sights on the next stage of your business, whether that involves hiring new employees to help take care of the children or finding a larger space. With our specialist accountants by your side, you will be able to explore every potential opportunity that presents itself.

You should never settle for less, especially when it comes to financial control. Get in touch to see how else we can help your nursery business.


“My company has grown massively throughout the last five years and PMC has been there constantly for me. Always easy to speak to and always ready to help with good advice.”

A. McClorey

Nursery Owner - London

Our price promise

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