Payroll management services

As a business owner, you need to make sure your employees are paid on time and accurately. If you should miss a payment, staff morale can drop, and your productivity will suffer as a result.

Unfortunately, calculating your team’s pay and filing your payroll with HMRC can be confusing at times, not to mention time-consuming.

Why give yourself the extra workload? Instead, you could let a team of experienced payroll professionals take care of it for you. We know all there is when it comes to payroll.

A comprehensive payroll package

From running a business’s entire PAYE scheme to calculating and deducting tax and National Insurance contributions, we can answer any pay queries from your staff.

Calculating an employee’s pay is not as simple as counting the hours they have worked. Some may be entitled to benefits, like sick pay or maternity and paternity pay. You also have to make the right deductions, like tax and National Insurance, to work out someone’s final pay. If you pay minimum wage, age is also an important factor to account for.

Some employees also need to make student loan payments or have a different tax code – there is more than meets the eye.

Specialist payroll advice

We do focus on more than the general payroll functions that apply to most businesses. We also provide tax advice for specialist sectors, like the construction industry, for example.

As the construction industry scheme and IR35 can have tax implications for you and any contractors you hire, it is important to understand how to navigate them. You may have to tax contractors differently, which adds another layer on top of your payroll calculations.

Construction is not the only industry that has specific tax treatments. The hospitality sector also has an extra level of compliance to meet. If your business receives tips from its clients, you must report these to HMRC as well.

So, rather than worry yourself with these extra steps, why not consider passing the workload over to a professional firm like ours?

At PMC Partnership, we have formulated a system to ensure our client’s PAYE obligations are fulfilled accurately and quickly at the same time. Never worry about your obligations again with our support.

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Our price promise

We will never overcharge you – we offer a fair price for our expertise and experience. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.